Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4 Year Old Boy Suspended Over Hair

When is it going to be enough already?  Growing up children are preached to about being themselves, not being like other children, "just be who you are and not like everyone else".  Don't you remember hearing it, I sure do.  So what is up with schools of all places wanting children to all be and now all look the same.  I hate school uniforms, no one is going to tell me or my kid how to dress, but now the situation is even worse.  

Some schools require your childs hair to be a certain length and way.  What the heck is up with that.  In Texas a little 4 year old boy was suspended from school because his hair is too long.  He had beautiful, full hair but it is not longer than his shoulders, maybe just sitting on them, but whatever, it is his hair and for Christ sake, he is only 4 years of age.  

This was stunning and incredible stupid to me.  A childs hair should have nothing to so with weather he can be in school or not.  School officially are always saying that students are affected by the media, by celebrities and how they look, trying to fit into that style. To me it seems as though schools are focusing more on how students look and dress, rather than the important things like behavior issues and above all the real reason students are there, education.

Parents send their kids to school to get an education because it is the law. Parents DO NOT send their kids to school to be told how they can and can not look or dress.  I agree their are some guidelines that need to be followed, no revealing clothing and pants that hang to your ankles, but enough is enough already.  

The little boy in Texas was treated very unfairly and I give major props to his mother for not giving in to the system and chopping her boys hair off, for fighting the situation and continuing to fight it.  People already have so many rules and laws that we have to follow or else, but come on people, please don't tell us how we have to look and how our kids have to look.

To view to video of the little boy who was suspended for his hair click here

4 year old suspended over his hair...

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!


I just wanted to wish everyone out there a Safe and Happy New Year!!!!


Another Year Already...

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dry Your Shoes Super Fast With Stuffits Shoe Savers

I came across these online and laughed about them at first, then started to take a closer look at them.  Sure they look silly and would seem to be more of a gag gift, but they may actually work pretty well.  The Stuffits Shoe Saver gets rid of stinky, sweaty shoes and drys them super-fast.  They slide right into your shoe and the super absorbent inner-core made up of 100% Eastern Red Ceder, sucks the water out of the shoe.

The Cincinnati Enquirer suggests that any athlete would appreciate these.  Stuffits shoe Savers are 100% natural and 100% reusable.  They get most of the water out of wet shoes in an hour and are available in Royal Blue, Red, Black, Light Blue and Pink and in sizes small thru x-large.

To order Stuffits Shoe Savers click HERE


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Friday, December 25, 2009

Killed on Christmas Eve

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous, happy time of year and it is a shame when things like this happen.

On Christmas Eve in Little Rock, Arkansas, Philip Wise was shot and killed in front of his children. Philip Wise was a Salvation Army Major and had been with the Salvation Army for over 15 years. Wise and his children ages 4, 6 and 8 went to the community center to pick up his wife. Outside the center two men approached Wise, demanded his money
and then shot him.

Major harvey Johnson of the Salvation Army said the Wise was involved with the community, he ran church services, youth programs,food pantry and encouraged children to look toward music.

It is sad that a person who spent much of their life helping other had to die in such a manner. Police are looking for the two suspects accused, but so far no one has been arrested.

A Salvation Army Major shot and killed in front of his children on Christmas Eve...

You Have Got To Be Kidding 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Golf Club and Weed Wacker in One

This is crazy, kinda neat though if you are into golfing. There is this side-splitter golf club called the Big Daddy Driver, that is also a weed wacker.

If a golfers ball lands in tall grass or weeds all they have to do is flip open the hidden weed wacker and chop the grass or weeds around the ball. Now the golfer has a clear viewing of his/her ball and is ready to take the swing. What a great gift for any golf enthusiast.

Watch Ellen Degeneres use the Bid Daddy Driver Here

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Monday, October 26, 2009

DWI While Driving A Recliner

A man gets a DWI after hitting a parked car, while he was driving his motorized, La-Z-Boy Recliner!
Dennis Anderson plead guilty to, Driving While Intoxicated on Monday, Oct. 20.

You Have Got To Be Kidding

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Longer School Days and Shorter Summer Break

I just read that President Obama wants to make school days longer and have a shorter Summer break. Do I think this is a good idea.....NO!

Obama argues that children in America do not spend as much time in school during the days as other children in other countries. So what, American schools turn out a ton of incredible children who do great things, why do our schools have to be like others countries schools?!

What happened to individuality and not being like everyone else?

Another thing, what if parents don't want it. Kids go to school roughly from 8am to 3pm or so. After school some students go to daycare, home, participate in sports or after school club, hang out with friends and others go to an afternoon job. If school were to run to 5pm, when would students have time for themselves? What would happen to after school activities, Students that have to work part time to get a car because family money is tight or just to build responsibility.

Many children are assigned chores when they get home from school, but not getting out until 5 and then having to do homework, there will be little time for chores, which build great life skills and responsibilty, then there is the less time for themselves and less family time. With the way the world is today and how busy everyone already is, losing family time is not something many parents are willing to accept.

I read that charter schools run latter then public schools and do weekend classes. That is fine, because those parents choose to put their students in that type of school. Schools are different for a reason, they meet different needs and have their own way of duing things.

Having to stay in school longer during the day is going to exhaust students, who already struggle through the day as it is. There would need to be more breaks during classes and if that is the case, then what would be the point in lengthening their day?!

I most curtanily would not want my son to have to attend school till into the evening, running into family dinner time, or having to go to school on the weekend, when his dad is home from work and the only time we all have to spend together and go do something. No way, do not take time aways from our family time family life. that is not acceptable with me!

What about having shorter Summer breaks? Kids need a break from school, to cut lose and have fun. A few weeks is not that long, not with all that children do these days. There are tons of summer camps, day programs, sports camps, library reading groups and so on. If students fall behind it is not the Summer to blame it is lack or reponsibility on the parents part. If money is the issue as many families can not afford camps, there are many free programs and there s also the option of summer school.

If a change needs to be made, then try smaller schools, smaller classrooms so students have more interaction with theire teachers and one on one time. 27 students to 1 teacher is a lot and there is no way that 1 teacher can totally focus on each of those 27 students with the amount of attention they need. I know that having more teachers means more money spent, but wouldn't it be for a good cause.

Longer school days, shorter breaks...

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